Once upon a time…

The Origin Story

In 2018 the Rock the Boat Productions team (Kira Atkinson, Kacey Atkinson & Lia Gallegos) decided it was time to put their happy Halloween vision for the City into action–they are a bit spooky, you know, and Halloween is their favorite time of year, after all!

So, they did.

When they planned the first year with the City, everyone thought a few hundred people might show up. Boy, was everyone surprised! All of the participating businesses were sending emergency runners to buy more candy, the streets were thronged with families dressed in costumes and having a fabulous time together. Just what the RTB team had dreamed of.

The next year was EVEN bigger and better! The community started making Trick or Treat Downtown NPR their own with amazing costumes, decorated golf carts, and even a rapping T-Rex who started an impromptu dance party at Main & Grand! This is what this magical night was meant to be about–the people who live here coming together, being creative, and having a wonderful time together.

As we all know too well, 2020 & 2021 put an end to anything fun while the world faced a threat like none other before. But we bravely fought our way through those dark times and have come out the side stronger for it. Like the ending (which is really just a new beginning, you see) of any good adventure story, there MUST be a celebration for all to enjoy.

And so, we invite you to get creative, dress your family up in their finest Halloween attire, come with happy hearts, and help us celebrate the magic of Halloween in 2022!